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Located near Metro Santo Domingo, this club truly lives up to its name – Cool. The club’s funky interior is perfectly designed to allow loads of room for dancing.

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Kapital: 7 Floors 1 Club

Located close to the Atocha train station, Kapital has everything a club goer could want. The seven floors cater to all your wants and needs. DJs keep the hits blasting on the two techno/house floors.

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Ananda’s Open Air Disco

Located near the Atocha train station, this club is a sure bet for a good night out. The disco is open air which gives party goers a unique atmosphere.

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Savor the Cocido

Savor the Cocido at most any restaurant and experience unspeakable joy. Usually saved for wintry days, the Cocido is a hot stew full of broth which had been slowly simmered with meat all morning long.

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Additional Outstanding Eating Places In Madrid

Other exceptional eating places in Madrid standout easily. From a famous flea market to outdoor cafes, Madrid has something for everyone at most any time of the day.

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Botín is the oldest restaurant in Madrid, preserves the original motif of the old dining room with painted tiles, oak beams and a wood-burning oven.

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Fast Good Madrid

Fast Good Madrid is a fast-food restaurant with a much finer selection than usually found with fast-food restaurants.

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Two Outstanding National Dishes

Mention Spanish cuisine and two things come to mind: tapas and paella. Especially popular is the traditional tapas offering which is actually more of an appetizer.

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A Rich Gastronomical Experience

Long known as the “food capital of the Mediterranean”, Spain’s capital city of Madrid has a most distinguished history and reputation as a culinary place of destination.

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Rental Cars

Frequent travellers to Spain recommend renting a car from a larger well known car rental company for better rates.

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