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Madrid taxi’s services most of Madrid. Beware some taxis start the meter from the point they received the call.

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The Train System

Madrid has two main train stations that service the city of Madrid. The Atocha station serves just south of the centre of Madrid.

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The Buses

The City bus system in and around Madrid connects passengers from the suburban areas to the city of Madrid. Madrid bus transit consists of over 170 bus lines.

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The Madrid subway has a total of 161 stations in its system. Trains run from 6 am to 1:30 am every 3 to 5 minutes.

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General Transportation

Like most major cities in Europe, Madrid use mass transit to get the populace around.

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Tour and Expeditions

First time travellers to Madrid can choose to see the city from a double-decker bus. This option will take visitors to many famous locations and tourists can stop at any attraction for a closer look.

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The Las Ventas Bullring

Bullfighting is still performed in the city of Madrid, the best time to experience this event is in May and June when the San Isidro festival is being held.

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Plaza Mayor

Travellers to Madrid will want to bring their camera to the Plaza Mayor. This architecturally dynamic square has been the location for bullfights, executions, markets and concerts.

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Football fans should not miss the Santiago Bernabeu; it is the location for the most successful football club in Spain as well as in Europe.

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Flamenco Shows

In the middle of the city the most famous flamenco show in the world is performed at the Corral de la Moreria.

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