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Plaza Mayor Flat

May 18, 2011No Comments

The Plaza Mayor is very historical and has a breathtaking view from any angle. It has been reconstructed from fire 3 times, but it is rebuilt and beautiful. If a person visiting Madrid is staying for an extended amount of time, a flat would be a reasonable choice, and the experience of staying here would be a great one. This is an apartment with tons of amenities, and it is located in the heart of Madrid. Perfect for tourists, Plaza Mayor can conveniently house up to 6 people.

The balcony overlooks the Plaza Mayor with a breathtaking view of the city. This apartment is air-conditioned with internet and three bathrooms. Each room is delicately decorated and spacious with high ceilings. One hour of cleaning is included weekly, and there is a minimum of a 4 day stay, which is not that long in Madrid.

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